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Desulfurization Slurry Pump

Категория продукта Desulfurization Slurry Pump, мы специализированные производители из Китая, Desulfurization Slurry Pump, Anti Abrasive Fgd Recycl Pump поставщики / фабрики, оптовые продажи высокого качества продукты Ksb Fgd Recirculation Pump R & D и производство, мы имеем совершенный послепродажное обслуживание и техническую поддержку. Посмотрите вперед к вашему сотрудничеству!

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Китай Desulfurization Slurry Pump Поставщики

Desulfurization slurry pump also named as FGD slurry pump is wild used for the power plant or other industry field, transferring the lime slurry, according to the abrasion and corrosion condition, design and manufacture the Rubber lined FGD pump and All metal FGD pump.

Products detail:

-Single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal pump
-Wet parts such as casing, impeller, liner plate in anti-abrasion and corrosion-resistant high chrome cast iron alloy.
-Mechanical seal
-Hydraulic optimization design, high
-efficient, energy-saving and stable operation-Back-draw hanger bracket structure easy for maintaining



Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT deposit + 70% TT before shipment,50% TT deposit + 50% LC balance, Flexible payment

can be negotiated.

Q: Installation and commissioning?

A: We will send our engineer for installation and commissioning, but relevant cost will be paid by you.

Q: Do you have some videos where we can see the line producing?

A: Yes, we can provide some videos for reference.










Series of TL FGD pump is a single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump. It is mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances. It has such features: wide range flowing capacity, high efficiency, high saving power. TL series pump is matched by tight structure X bracket which can save much space.



600X-TLR The diameter of discharge: 600mm, Rubber liner; bearing lubricating way: Diluted oil ( Thin- oil)

600X-TL The diameter of discharge: 600mm, Metal liner; bearing lubricating way: Diluted oil ( Thin- oil)


Technology features

The pump wet parts are designed by advanced CFD flowing simulating analysis technology to ensure the design reliable and working effective.

It can change the impeller`s position in pump casing by adjusting the bearing unit to keep the pump working high efficiently all the time.

This kind of pump adopt back pull out structure, keeping the simple structure and easy maintenance. Not need disassemble inlet and outlet pipeline.


Two sets of taper roller bearing is fixed at the end of the pump, the column roller bearing is equipped at driving end. The bearing is lubricated by thin oil. All these can improve the bearing working condition and enhance the service life greatly.


Mechanical sealing is adopted integrating mechanical sealing which is specialized in FGD technology to ensure its working.


Material selection:          

Our company developed the special anti wear and anti corrosive material which own the duplex stainless steel`s anti-corrosive property and the high chrome white iron`s anti abrasive property in FGD process.

In the rubber pump casing, impeller, suction cover / cover plate are all made of specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosive material ; the material of front liner, back liner and back liner insert are natural rubber with light weight and natural, having excellent anti-corrosive property and low cost.

In metal pump casing, impeller, volute liner, suction plate and back plate are all made of specialized anti wear and anti corrosive material, the suction cover are made of ductile iron with rubber.








Series KWP high-efficiency FGD pump is a new generation energy saving pump.


The KWP pump is single-stage, centrifugal pump which specially used for FGD, environment protection, chemicals, and the paper, sugar and caned food industries. It has the features of high efficiency, non-clogging and back pull out design which can allow the rotor to be removed from the pump casing without disturbing the piping or dismantling the casing. It simplifies maintenance also allows fast inter change of the impellers and wear plate of suction side, thereby allow the pump to be rapidly modified to suit for different operating conditions.


This type pump can deliver all kinds of sewage, clear water, seawater, bittern water, waste water and sludge so that it can be used in water supply plant, sewage treatment works, brewery. 


According to the diameter of discharge, the KWP pump is from 40mm to 500mm.

Quantity range: 10~3500CBM/h.

Head range: 5~90m.


These are the frequently used metal material combination for KWP non-clogging pump. According to the different medium delivered by the pump, the pump head could be made of different materials, such as A49,2205, 2605N, 316L, ZG2Cr13, HT250.


Reliable rotor structure:

KWP series products are equipped with the heavy-duty designed bearing based on Germany standard, so the bearing could support more load; Oil lubrication type ensures a smooth and reliable operation, and normally, the service life of such bearing could be over 30,000 hours. 




Type HS/HSR pumps are cantilevered, Horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. Widely used in electricity, heating, chemical industry, steel, coking, etc of the flue gas desulfurization and desulfurization unit peripheral pump, this series of products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving, the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, the FGD industry preferred products, has been serviced thousand of flue gas desulfurization project for environment protection.

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